Payers Park | Folkestone Pride | 5-9pm

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fri 25 jun 2021 | 17.00-21.00
Payers Park

Join us in Payers Park for an exclusive exhibition of Nelson Sullivan’s New York archive! Pride Folkestone presents an exclusive exhibition of New York videographer Nelson Sullivan’s amazing video archive. Nelson Sullivan documented daily life for LGBTQ people in 1980s New York and many of his friends have had a huge impact on shaping LGBTQ+ culture— including RuPaul, Keith Haring, Larry Tee, Lady Bunny, John Sex and New York’s club kids along with the notorious Michael Alig. Nelson tragically died on July 4th 1989 of an apparent heart attack, leaving behind 1,200 hours of historically important and often hilarious footage of the downtown New York scene including Christopher Street protests, parades and nights out at now-famous drag clubs. In his 1995 autobiography Lettin' It All Hang Out, RuPaul wrote: “Nelson was our New York liaison, and he introduced us to the city. Every time I walk around New York I think of him all the time. He taught us about the West Village, about Fire Island, and he introduced us to Tennessee Williams movies. He was our gay educator and taught us about our birthright, our cultural inheritance. And he always supported me, no matter what.” In addition, Pride will also be exhibiting work from local artists who answered the open call for Southeast LGBTQ+ people.

Find out more about how friends of Nelson Sullivan saved his archive and check out the 5NinthAvenueProject maintained online in memory of Nelson.

Exhibition curated by Kerry Ryan.

Nelson Sullivan Video Collection content used by permission of Good Dog Blackout LLC. With funding from @creativefstone. Taking places as #pridemonth @lastfridaysfolk #folkestone #creativequarterfolkestone


24 April 2020

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