Over Sea Under Stone

Sat 23 apr
Brewery Tap UCA Project Space

11.00 - 17.00

This piece is a collaboration between sound designer/musician Matthew Dear, composer/folklorist Greg Ireland and visual artist Louise Webb. It explores the intricacies of humankind’s complex relationship with the sea through the medium of sound and vision.

From the beginning of time, humans have both cherished and feared the sea. It has been a source of life, a source of discovery and a facilitator in the exchange of ideas and goods the world over. Yet it is also a source of great danger. The land can be powerless against the sea. Meanwhile, those who venture out into the vast expanse of ocean are at the mercy of the waves. The sea has also been responsible for our development as creative beings. It has allowed cultures to mix, bringing with them poetry, art, music, food, stories and so much more besides.

The piece will include field recordings, excerpts from traditional sea shanties, manipulation of tape loops, acoustic guitar duets, and more besides. Both Ireland and Dear have an in-depth understanding of both folk tradition and folklore and will bring this to bear on the work – weaving in excerpts from traditional folk song as well as compositions inspired by the folklore of the sea.


22 April 2022

Profound Sound Festival 2022
Progress Agency