Normal? Salon | Poetry & Negative Capability | 19.00 - 19.50

weds 11 nov | online
19.00 - 19.50

Bloodaxe poet Shazeais interested in the idea of ‘Negative Capability', which Keats spoke of in reference to craft and art, as “being in uncertainties, mysteries, doubts, without… reaching after fact and reason.” Her brand new pamphlet ‘The Taxidermist,’ explores process of creation, while playing with form and investigating the boundaries of poetry and prose.

Sophie Herxheimer is interested in the impulse and channelling needed to connect and birth both poetry and drawing. Sophie is a prolific artist, her work includes the award winning ‘Velkom To Inklandt’, ‘60 Lovers To Make and Do’ and ‘The Practical Visionary’.

Folkestone’s Poet’s Corner are Faith Warn, Dave Horn and Anthony B. Together they curate and organise poetry events across Folkestone, encouraging others to write, share and publish, as well as building up their own work.

Normal? Festival of the Brain is co-curated by Living Words, Creative Folkestone & Folkestone Fringe. Living Words is an arts & literature charity organisation working with those with a dementia as well as those from isolated backgrounds. Creative Folkestone, is an arts charity dedicated to transforming Folkestone through collective creative activity. We do these festivals to enrich the cultural calendar of our town, bring people together, and connect Folkestone with the wider world. Each year, the Normal? programme and themes are always produced through think-ins, in which anyone is invited to share ideas of what interests them, and what they would like to see happen together.


10 October 2020

Normal? Festival Of The Brain 2020/21
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