Normal? | Jim Lockey: | fri-sun

fri 26 mar - sun 28 mar
00.01 - 23.59
accessible via
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Explore an online interactive story directed by you (the viewer) to uncover a bizarre tale of knowledge, power, and secrets; inspired by the legend of Faust. Combining visuals, text, and recorded audio performance FAUST.US asks for your participation as the story heads to its inevitable conclusion.

Those who complete the whole story will be provided with a link to a PDF download to additional materials to continue the experience. Those who reach the conclusion on March 26, 2021 will also have the opportunity to book a live zoom session with the creator to explore the additional materials.

Normal? Festival of the Brain is co-curated by Living Words, Creative Folkestone & Folkestone Fringe. Living Words is an arts & literature charity organisation working with those with a dementia as well as those from isolated backgrounds. Creative Folkestone, is an arts charity dedicated to transforming Folkestone through collective creative activity. We do these festivals to enrich the cultural calendar of our town, bring people together, and connect Folkestone with the wider world. Each year, the Normal? programme and themes are always produced through think-ins, in which anyone is invited to share ideas of what interests them, and what they would like to see happen together.


10 October 2020

Normal? Festival Of The Brain 2020/21

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