Normal? | Louise Webb | Digital Disconnections 2020 | 15.00 - 16.00

fri 11 dec | online
15.00 - 16.00

Louise will be creating a digital, interactive and visual artwork, collaborating with sound artist Greg Ireland, to represent the distorted conversations being created by the interference of AI and technology.

Louise’s practice currently explores communication, miscommunication, misinterpretation and mistakes. Through the use of moving images, Louise has been investigating the intimacy of electronic devices and digital hospitality observing how new social histories and fictional realities are being created through shared technologies. She is interested in how these inevitable formats of communication can be used to share collective joy, resistance and hope while being faced with the difficulties of privacy, false news and hidden algorithms. This correlates with her involvement in facilitating workshops inspired by accessible and collective learning.

For Normal? Festival of the Brain, Louise will investigate the isolation of communication devices that can occur in public spaces, and the way everyday AI is changing the way we communicate in person. This has been highlighted by recent events’ reliance on technology to communicate, and how social distancing is changing the way we use space, making us more aware of people in the space we use.

Normal? Festival of the Brain is co-curated by Living Words, Creative Folkestone & Folkestone Fringe. Living Words is an arts & literature charity organisation working with those with a dementia as well as those from isolated backgrounds. Creative Folkestone, is an arts charity dedicated to transforming Folkestone through collective creative activity. We do these festivals to enrich the cultural calendar of our town, bring people together, and connect Folkestone with the wider world. Each year, the Normal? programme and themes are always produced through think-ins, in which anyone is invited to share ideas of what interests them, and what they would like to see happen together.


10 October 2020

Normal? Festival Of The Brain 2020/21
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