Life Cycles

Jeanette Cook and Catherine Robinson present
30 Sept – 11 Oct
8Squared gallery, 64-66 The Old High Street, CT20 1RN

Sustained by their daily connection with the cyclical rhythms of the natural world, Jeanette Cook and Catherine Robinson find inspiration in their immediate surroundings. They record the patterns of growth and decay, flowering and fruiting, birth and death played out in the world of their gardens and the surrounding landscape. They explore how these patterns express themselves through the delights, tragedies and idiosyncrasies of human life. They follow these connecting threads as they weave themselves between real and imaginary worlds.

Working with printmaking, drawing, collage, sculpture and fused glass, and ranging freely between abstract and figurative images, Jeanette and Catherine continue their own shared journey, having trained and exhibited together for many years.


9 September 2021

Fringe Open Autumn Programme

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