Leas Lift Sound

august 2008 / part of the folkestone triennial fringe 08

the folkestone fringe presented the leas lift experimental sound weekend in august 2008, a project that invited artists to respond to one of the uk's oldest victorian water lifts based in folkestone. a palette of raw sounds that captured the day-to-day workings of the lift was made available on the website for sound artists to create new audio work from.

a selection of the artists' responses were mixed & mastered to produce the leas lift sound 08 cd which is available to download here; angela valid | ephre | gordon kennedy | giuseppe gavazza | kieran quirke | resident

during the event weekend, visitors to the leas lift experienced, simultaneously, the ambient sounds of the lift and the experimental sound pieces of the artists' reworking of those ambient sounds. a live and improvised performances from angela valid and gordon kennedy, two of the least lift artists, saw the lea lift building animated, reverberating with the augmented sounds.

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see gallery & scores of the raw palette of sounds

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