Hop Projects | bobbi cameron | 6-9pm Friday

fri 30 oct 2020 | exhibition preview
Sat 31 Oct - Sun 15 Nov 2020
HOP Projects, 73 Tontine Street

‘NINE’ is a 6-channel sound installation that draws upon the artists own autobiography and contemporary queer discourses to navigate realms beyond the human. Nine seeks to explore what it means to open up your space to ghosts, entities, spirits and strangers, what becomes of these interactions and how it changes our experiences of physical space.

Bobbi Cameron is an artist based in Glasgow. Originally from a performance background, she now works predominantly across sound, text, and moving image although performance continues to be at the roots of all her work.

Cameron is interested in how acts of queering can be used to dismantle and disrupt communal perspectives of space, place and (both constructed and bodily) architectures. Cameron works with giving documented and memorialised bodies agency within the gallery and seeks to experiment with how we encounter and perceive spaces. She is particularly interested in different perspectives of ghosting, blending the lines between documentary and liveness. This stems from an ongoing research practice that explores queer phenomenology, (dis)orientations and their combined effects on architecture and landscape. Most recently, Cameron has been collaborating with spirits, ghosts and entities to explore how these approaches to communal disorientation can be experienced with spiritual beings and its impact on those of us physically living.


24 April 2020

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