Granny Drops a Clanger: Fishing Net

fri 7 sep
The Clearing @ The Quarterhouse

Would you like to learn a craft and be part of a yarn installation? Connect with Folkestone’s fishing history and the many knitters and crafters who helped clothe the fishing fleet and made nets for the catch through
the centuries. Join Deborah Nash, founder of the Granny Drops a Clanger community knitting and crochet group, to knit fishing nets and sea creatures to populate a chalk reef. Open to all ages and levels of experience.

Coastal Connections: Chalk Reef

We are helping Guardians of the Deep build a collection of knitted or crocheted marine plants and animals to represent the diversity of Kent’s marine wildlife. Some knitting patterns to get you started can be found at coastal-connections.


6 September 2018

SALT Festival of the Sea and Environment 2018


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