Francesca Martinez: What the **** is Normal?

12 May
Quarterhouse Auditorium
£10/£8 concs

What happens when you’re branded “abnormal” in a world obsessed with normality? This show is Francesca’s defiant, insightful and fascinating answer. Intrigued by the power that a six-letter word has over so many people, Francesca shares her own life-changing journey of growing up as “abnormal”, being rescued from High-SchoolHell by Grange Hill, letting Ricky Gervais take the piss out of her walk in Extras, supporting Frankie Boyle on tour, and working out what to say to the BBC after being offered the role of a, ahem, vegetable. After all, what the **** is normal, anyway?! “Hilarious and profound” Metro *****


10 May 2018

Normal? 2018
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