Normal? Fetch, Roll Over, Play Dead

Byron Vincent
11.30am (45 mins), Quarterhouse Foyer, FREE

Can you teach an old dog new tricks? Let’s find out.

Like many gen exers I failed to grow up, choosing instead to remain in a cycle of joyless hedonism and self-destructive indulgence. Mentally I’m a wreck and physically I look like a condom full of baby food. I want to do better. I need to do better. So I’m making some proper changes. No more booze, pills or fags. Just daily exercise and general wholesome stuff. I’ll be swapping quavers for quinoa, becoming vegetarian and sharing my recipes online. Join me on my struggle to be less rubbish at life. I’m bored and lonely so I’d love you to contact me with your challenges and I’ll try them, film them and post on Facebook

Byron will be in residence throughout the festival weekend.


25 March 2017

Normal? Festival of the Brain 2017

& Venue

As well as all that self-righteous clean living gubbins I’ll be learning some other stuff too, like:

1 – A magic trick

2 – Some conversational Spanish

3 – To ollie on a skateboard.

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