Fanplastic is a plastic workshop unit that recycles waste plastic into things you want to keep. Housed in a shipping container on Folkestone Harbour Arm, phase one of the Fanplastic project launched in September 2017 for the Folkestone Fringe, which ran alongside the Folkestone Triennial.

The project was conceived by artist/animator Astrid Goldsmith, who wanted to find a more environmentally responsible way of making the plastic elements for her puppet stop-motion films. Triggered by the response to Polymer – her 2016 monster movie about plastic sea pollution – Goldsmith started researching methods of repurposing waste plastic.

Working with engineering students from East Kent College to build the recycling machines, phase one of Fanplastic launched in September 2017 with the installation of the shredder and the 3D printer, which prints from a recycled filament. Phase two of the project, now managed by Dan Johannsen of Folkestone Fringe, will see the addition of an extruder, compressor and injection moulder, which will complete the circle of production.

For more details about how to get involved, please contact [email protected].

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2 September 2017

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"Fanplastic will comprise of 5 machines... that will be housed inside two upcycled shipping containers on the bus link on Folkestone Harbour Arm"

"Once we're set up, Fanplastic will quickly become a hub to educate young people, children, and the many visitors at Folkestone Harbour Arm about the creative possibilities and the useful, simple attributes of plastic recycling"

"Getting people locally to bring their own plastic waste to a facility that can then use it to recycle waste into new products"

"We want the products to have a wider social impact"

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