CT20 | Twif: portals | 7-9pm

By Ewan Golder
fri 30 jul 2021
73 tontine st
19:00 (Q&A with artist) | 20:00 | 21:00 (screening every hour)

Premiering as the latest in CT20's series of Mini Documentary commissions, Ewan Golder’s latest work – ‘Portals’ – is a poetic film about the forgotten doors that have been bricked up or sealed, no longer fit to serve their function as an access portal to a realm now forgotten. Through interviews conducted with locals of Folkestone during the lockdown, in ‘Portals’ we hear the voices of people who are confined to their own intimate personal spaces, as they reflect on their lives, loves, and longings, telling personal stories, recounting memories, dreams, and reflections on the experience.


24 April 2020

Last Fridays 2021

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