"Each other's magical acts: a Folkestone poetry trail"

16 Oct

12noon - The Hythe military canal - by the Ladies Walk Bridge
poem: military canal
13:00 - Spade House in Sandgate - (now Wells House nursing home) - Radnor Cliff Crescent

poem: h g wells
14:00 - Tracey Emin's teddy bear at Folkestone Central Station
poem: teddy bear
14.30 - The Grand Hotel
poem: seagulls
15:00 - The beach at Folkestone Leas - on the area of beach near the foot of the Zig Zag path

poem: waves
15:30 - The Parish Church of St Mary and St Eanswythe
poem: st eanswythe
16:00 - Somewhere where someone is/was playing an accordion - The Old High St

poem: accordion
16.30 - The beach at Sunny Sands
poem: sunny sands
17.00 - The National Coastguard lookout station
poem: lookout station

A series of live site-specific poetry readings of nine poems at nine outdoor locations in and around Folkestone exploring issues of place, home, belonging, and migration and which tinker and play with plot. Audio recordings will be available online for people to listen afterwards when they are at the relevant locations.

The nine poems are inspired by different Folkestone locations including: Tracey Emin's teddy bear on the platform at Folkestone Central Station; the Hythe military canal; Spade House in Sandgate (the house of H G Wells); the beach at Folkestone Leas; the Grand Hotel; The Parish Church of St Mary and St Eanswythe; the beach at Sunny Sands; somewhere where a busker is playing an accordion; the National Coastguard lookout station. Poems will be read live on a day during the festival and afterwards recordings can be listened to online while visiting the different locations.


Ben Rogers is a poet currently living in Brighton. His pamphlet Mackerel Salad was published by Emma Press and his poetry appears in Carcanet’s New Poetries VI. He was previously the poet-in-residence at the Poetry in Aldeburgh festival and has written poetry commissions for Refugee Tales and The Outposted Project. He works at The Poetry Society.


9 September 2021

Fringe Open Autumn Programme
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