CT20 | Presenting Surface Tensions | 24hr

By Ned Pooler & Stefan Bruggëmann
fri 30 jul 2021- onwards
73 tontine st
24 hr

Presenting Surface Tensions 2020 Part 3, CT20’s Tontine Street home has been transformed, showcasing a powerful and immersive new series of works from international artists. Adorning the three-story façade of the building is a monumental installation created under lockdown by Mexican artist Stefan Bruggëmann. With it’s juxtaposing elements deliberately provoking and generating a heightened sense of drama and tension, the building is completely gilded in gold-leaf, on top of which is scrawled with – in thick lashings of black paint and with excess dripping down from the bold calligraphic strokes – the word ‘OK’, gleaming and staring back at on-lookers.


Presented as part of Surface Tensions 2020 Part 3, walk through Mill Bay to catch two pieces of sculpture created by Glasgow-based artist Ned Pooler. Interrupting and distorting everyday architecture, ‘Soft Rupture’ is a site-specific installation that exaggerates spaces through forced perspective, drawing upon the aesthetic language of the Golden Age of Cartoons. By pushing the objective boundaries of material realism, Pooler bestows familiar objects with new anamorphic gestures to project feelings of uncertainty, dejection and confusion.


24 April 2020

Last Fridays 2021

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