Covid Times

Shaping the Best Version of Our Collective Futures

Connections with nature is something inherent within all of us. From crabbing in rock pools or camping, to birdwatching and fishing - we all share an uncompromising love to some extent with the outdoors. As we slow down and take the time out to re-connect, or allow ourselves to be entranced by nature for the first time, we look to the sky, fields and woodlands and find new beauties in quiet, concrete-laden surroundings. One of the most noticeable changes to our everyday environments is the vibrant and sometimes near-deafening birdsong drifting across our skies.

It has been a poignant change as more of us look to nature to provide a temporary distraction from the uncertainty we face right now. It is an intimate and raw experience that will have lasting effects on mental wellbeing and on our attitudes towards our environment.

We can see that the reduction in human activity has allowed some species the time and space to nest safely and thrive without interference. It is crucial for the future that this renewed relationship with nature exists beyond our immediate situation. This is a golden opportunity for us to collectively plan for a greener future - one where humans and nature can exist in harmony before it's too late.

On your walks, take the time to actively listen for the sounds of nature around you and you'll be surprised by how much you can hear. Bring a sketchbook along or a camera and really focuss in on something, unlocking the innate beauty of all manner of flora, fauna and wildlife. The process of active listening and focussed looking takes a little concentration but by seeding this into our daily life now when we return back to our new normal if will feeds us like it didn't before.

Image credit: Andy Aitchison

Lockdown has prompted a surge of support for the wildlife trusts 30 days wild campaign for simple nature activities - read "Nature on UK doorsteps: thousands sign up for daily 'random acts of wildness" - The Guardian

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