Beach Towels

clifton hotel, CT202EB
24 hours

Beach Towels is the title of Amanda Lomax’s unique installation that transforms beach photography inside Folkestone’s Best Western Clifton Hotel. The name has a double meaning, referring both to the beach towels used as artwork and also to the subject of imagery printed on the towels.

Hotel General Manager, Neil Lomas’ decision to feature new, intriguing art within the hotel presented a perfect opportunity for a local artist to showcase new work. With the help of Folkestone Fringe, Lomax responded to the invitation with great enthusiasm, debuting her Beach Towels collection. Her abstracted beach photographs, printed on towel fabric transform the hotel's space into a colorful clothesline of beach-inspired artwork. Certainly one of the only of its kind in the country. Using fabric as a canvas for printing allows the artwork to move freely in a three-dimensional fashion without being constrained to traditional two-dimensional, wall-mounted, prints.

Lomax’s art-making practice draws on her photographic background, with each piece beginning as an original digital photograph. Through image manipulation she plays with the idea of what could be, suggesting art as a kind of visual meditation. Her use of color is designed to connect viewers across all demographic lines, capitalizing on its strength as a universal language. The goal is to encourage viewers to use color as an invitation to pause in a state of visual meditation.


9 September 2021

Fringe Open Autumn Programme
Progress Agency