Coast Liners and Seascapes: Looking Out and Looking In

6 sep-28 oct
Folkestone Harbour Arm Corridor


An exhibition by award-winning, Folkestone-based photographer, Andy Aitchison.

Inspired by finding a secret porthole on the Folkestone Harbour Arm, he has captured 12 ‘seascapes’ from the arm during different weather conditions. He has been fascinated by the daily changing colours, shapes and energy of the sea and sky when looking out.

He was also interested, when looking in, at the range of people visiting the beaches who’s visit also seemed connected to the changing weather. He has documented some ‘coastliners’ he has met along the beaches within view of the harbour arm. To compliment the seascapes, Andy decided to capture these portraits from the water looking inland and has positioned everyone at the water’s edge. It has been a fun, but challenging experience learning to work with the sea waves, tides and weather conditions and keeping his camera dry.

Andy has been a professional freelance photographer for over 20 years and has been documenting communities around the world often working with hard-to-reach and marginalised groups.

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Instagram: Twitter: @andyaitchison

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6 September 2018

SALT Festival of the Sea and Environment 2018

Progress Agency