Rhiana Bonterre

Rhiana Bonterre has been working with Folkestone Fringe since September 2021 under the role of Coordinator Representative. She is also an artist filmmaker and freelance film editor and writer. Having only recently been fully based in Folkestone, she is particularly drawn to the organisation’s focus on community enrichment within the town, and creating spaces where art can be experienced and witnessed communally, to challenge perspectives and nurture an ever-changing curiosity and willingness to be inspired. These ideals mirror her own focuses through her own creative practices.

Through documenting and facilitating communications throughout collaborations and projects for Folkestone Fringe, Rhiana's interest in the ways differing individuals and collectives work to engage and find substantial connection in their communities through the vessel of art, contines to expand. Furthermore, her work as Communications Coordinator is particularly inspired by a passion to connect with people - through sharing perspectives, connecting communities to eachother, asking important questions, and encouraging positive change. Through the tasks of creating awareness through social media and liaising with the funders and collaboraters, Rhiana’s own creative practices also continue to be nurtured both for filmmaking, as well as for freelance and creative writing.

Having attended Kingston School of Art in London for her Bachelor’s Degree in Filmmaking, Rhiana’s moving-image work often explores Caribbean life and culture, and the ways its complex and traumatic past affects and shapes thought, identity and perception in the present, both at home and amongst the Diaspora. She engages intimately with the subjects of her work, playing with movement, the mixing of mediums, voice, archive footage and interview material in fluid ways. Rhiana’s films have been featured in festivals and exhibitions in the UK, Caribbean, United States and Canada, including Berwick Film and Media Arts festival in 2021, Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival in 2020 and 2021, and most recently the Black Cultural Archives in London, 2022-2023

Rhiana has also co-produced a number of art and experimental film events, both with Folkestone Fringe and voluntarily.






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