*Postponed* Folkestone Triennial Fringe 2020

sat 5 sept - sun 8 nov 2020 *postponed*

Creative Folkestone Triennial, entitled The Plot, has been postponed until September 2021. Curator Lewis Biggs and the Creative Folkestone team are working hard to establish new dates for Folkestone Triennial and will announce information as soon as possible.


The Folkestone Triennial was due to take place between the 5th September - Sunday 8th November 2020, inviting visitors to explore the town, its tales, realities, and urban narratives. This is the fifth edition, and will present around 20 newly commissioned artworks. Curated for the third time by Lewis Biggs, the exhibition, entitled The Plot, invites visitors to consider urban myths and their relation to verifiable realities: the gap between the story and reality. You can read about the artists taking part and the ideas behind the exhibition here. 


The Folkestone Fringe will be programming alongside the Triennial for the fifth time. We are looking forward to working with Folkestone based and visiting artists, as well as residents and local organisations to bring together a changing programme of art, architecture, performance and sound work. 


Folkestone is a seaside town sitting on the edge of the UK, facing the shores of France and surrounded by the hills of the North Downs. The town has faced many environmental, political and social changes and challenges over its time, such as the prospect of invasion and bombing during the World Wars and a heavy influx of tourism during industrial times. It continues to face changes today, such as the impact of Coronavirus, Brexit and environmental threats such as erosion and flooding.

By investigating past issues, we hope to:

  • unearth unknown stories of adaptability.
  • discover hidden traces of change in the town.
  • consider the impact and power that can be created by the group dynamic (personal v collective impact).
  • create tools which will contribute to an atmosphere of resilience and inventive solutions towards the challenges facing the town today.
  • connect the younger generation to older groups in the town. 

To see what we got up to during the 2017 Folkestone Triennial Fringe take a look at our  Edge: Push/Pull programme


Fringe Open is our central platform for everybody planning any creative activity during the Triennial. We're currently adapting ideas of how we may be able to develop a project under FRINGE OPEN which can run ahead and through to the Triennial next year. Watch this space. 

Folkestone Triennial Artist Project Management

Folkestone Fringe are also managing one of the 20 artists creating brand-new site-specific artworks for Folkestone, artist Sam Belinfante. We will be making announcements about how you can get involved through our social media channels in due course.

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