Unframing Photography | Manuel Vason

Ongoing until December
Various locations

Manuel Vason, Aida Silvestri, Albane McGuinness, Chelsey Browne, Clare Unsworth, Igor Emmerich, Jacqui Taylor, Lee Hooper, Manuel Vason, Matt Rowe, Mick Williamson, Thierry Bal.

Unframing Photography is an artistic attempt to provoke a constructive debate on the presence and influence of photography on our daily life with the aim to activate more awareness and inspire a more ethical use of the medium.

In a world in which we produce and consume more images then ever before the project questions the intentionality that motivates our photographing.

While we are used to praise photography and we are constantly encouraged to share our pictures, we are rarely exposed to the why we suddenly experience such impulse and to the effects of the current visual saturation.

Unframing Photography aims to be a critical lens pointing at photography as a ‘technology of seeing’ and an experiment/exercise created to decolonise my/our eyes.


9 September 2021

Fringe Associates: Chapters // Autumn

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