Lost in Transmission

The Ash Project & Chris Poundwhite
edge: push/pull

4 nov
11:00 - 14:00
Customs House: Urban Room Folkestone

Ash is currently the third most common tree in the UK, and the most common tree in Kent. But as a result of ash dieback, ninety percent of these trees are expected to die in the near future. In this ecopoetry workshop we will explore the ash dieback transmission process. Drawing on scientific research and journalism on the subject, we'll make new poems from existing texts. In doing so, we will learn about the changes to rural and urban landscapes that ash dieback will bring, and discover the pushes and pulls (both natural and cultural) that drive its spread. We'll also consider how the disease is likely to impact the ash trees in Folkestone's own urban environment.

This event part of The Ash Project is taking place in conjunction with the Urban Room and the Folkestone Fringe festival Edge: Push/Pull


2 September 2017

Edge: Push/Pull

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