Lee Desai | Black Men Are...

9 - 11, 14 - 18 Oct | open
11:00 - 17:00
Brewery Tap UCA Project Space | Sassoon Gallery
sat 18 oct 2020
19.00 - 21.00
panel discussion Taking place via Zoom | book online

A pre-recorded conversation curated by black men, plus panel conversation.

Through group conversation, we as black men, will explore the experiences of the black male in the United Kingdom, today. By maintaining a focus on “Assimilation” & “Appropriation”, we will try to gain an understanding of how the identity of the black male has been moulded by predetermined roles and stereotypes, placed on us by a broader society. Do we as a society continue to uphold these stereotypes or do we move forward by giving black men the space to spearhead their own narrative?

All Black History Month Folkestone programmes and events can be booked onto by emailing [email protected]

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We also want to share with you a survey by Senet Yohannes, who is asking for your anonymous contributions. What are your thoughts on black men? Where do those beliefs come from? Let Senet know via http://bit.ly/BlackMenAre

“No right or wrong answers, just share your truth.” Results will be shared on 10th October as part of their Black History Month event.


15 October 2020

Festival of Looking // Magic Carpets 2020

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