House of Easement

Craig Gell
Fringe: Open

saturdays, 9 sep - 4 nov
11:00 - 15:00
Public Toilets, Pleydell Gardens CT20 2DN

House of Easement is a sound installation of musical works composed in response to the ‘mock-Tudor’ architecture of the public toilets at Pleydell Gardens.

The work consists of two movements: the pavan and galliard, a pair of courtly dances popular during the Tudor period (1485-1603), that were often nominally dedicated to notable persons of society, from peers to pirates.

Henry VIII’s courtiers at Hampton Court shared a ‘great house of easement’ with 28 seats on two different levels.

“See the house of easement be sweet and clean” - Wynkyn De Worde, The Boke of Kervynge, 1508.


2 September 2017

Fringe Open 2017


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