Emma Gannon, Andrew Martin Lee, Xhibit Theatre, Jim Lockey
28 & 29 Oct

13:00 - 16:00
21 Guildhall Street

CORRIDOR is a pop up festival that offers new and exciting live art performances, and experiences, focused towards offering an accessible and community based platform. It seeks to open opportunities for the public to access what can be unconventional styles of theatre and performance. CORRIDOR is about bringing people from all walks of life together to experience live performance art, however challenging, thought provoking, and experimental the performances might be. The festival allows opportunities for both, artists to showcase their work, and for audiences to experience something new. Each artist will be present throughout the festival and welcome conversations before and after, and sometimes during, the performances. CORRIDOR is a two-day festival run by the Alumni of the University of Chichester’s Theatre Department. Each day consists of performances, events, happenings & interventions. Some will last for an hour in a theatre, others might be in truly unique spaces and only happen for a fraction of time. CORRIDOR is centred around creating events, like this pop up festival, so that EVERYONE can, if they choose to, get involved within the art world.


2 September 2017

21 & 27 Guildhall Street


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