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Dawn Badland & Julian Rowe | Sound & Film
Site: Margate Lighthouse, Kent

I Can See You But I Can’t Hear You is a video piece for the little lighthouse on the harbour arm at Margate in Kent. The lighthouse is a tiny building, hardly more than a vertical concrete tube, making for an intimate and solitary experience on the part of you, the observer.

From opposing screens across the interior space of the lighthouse two people try to communicate by flag semaphore. The attempted communication is an apparent failure, as the message is repeated continuously and without resolution, and the site of this non-communication is the space occupied by you. Are you an unwanted intruder upon this conversation or the intended recipient of the message? Meanwhile, high above your head, the song of a skylark emanates from a projected patch of sky, an aural counterpoint to the sterile codes of the semaphore, unintelligible to the human mind yet rich in meaning.

26 Aug - 29 Aug 2011 | 12 - 7pm
Margate Lighthouse, Harbour Arm CT9 1JD (see map)
31 Aug - 4 Sep 2011 | 12 - 5pm
The Bank, 46 Tontine Street, CT20 1JU
(see map)

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